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Joshua Silveira
was born August 18, 1982 in Sacramento, California, to a Portuguese family. Silveira always showed a deep passion for art. He grew up around his father Louis who worked a lot with charcoal and inspired him to draw. Over the years Silveira's interests in art grew greater and he looked to gain more knowledge and direction. After he graduated from high school in 2001 he moved to Los Angeles to study under John Mahoney, E. Michael Mitchell, and Cornelius Cole III. His style really began to take shape and his voice became very strong in his work. After working with mainly graphite and charcoal, he began using water color and gouache to add mood and color to his drawings. Known most for his figurative style, Silveira started showing in galleries in San Francisco where lived after his extent in Los Angeles. He currently has a studio in Sacramento where he paints and does most of his work.